Blast From the Past (2014) Thoughts of a Soon to be Divorced Woman..Death of a Family

Since I have entered the world of the soon to be divorced, I have spoken to many women going through the same scenario. Their stories may contain different details, but the theme remains the same. Husband leaves wife unexpectedly and usually with little concern as to how she will get by. Husband’s focus turns to himself and his needs regardless of who it hurts. Husband is fooling around and takes the bulk of the marital assets. All secrets that have been hidden from the unsuspecting spouse, suddenly come to light regarding this person you thought you knew. This “man” to whom you have given your heart, your life, and your trust, you come to realize you did not know this person at all.

Since I have begun this journey, I have described divorce as a death. Most women I talk with say it is worse than death. I say it is “a death but with intent.” A new friend said “that would be murder” I thought about that for a while. I agree with her thinking; it is the intentional “murder” of a family. Very sad, but here we find ourselves, and we must continue to live our lives and live it well.

“This is my command. Be strong and courageous do not be afraid or discouraged.

For the Lord your God is with you where ever you go.”

Joshua 1:9

God bless you on this journey!