Author Update-“My Story My Divorce God’s Promise-The Journey” KathieyV

I am finally starting my second book in a 3 part series. My first book is titled “My Story My Divorce God’s Promise-The Beginning.” You can find it on Amazon. (If you buy my book I do get paid by Amazon) The focus of this book is just surviving each day as I walked through the grief and gut-wrenching pain of facing an unexpected and unwanted separation and divorce. It is a book that depicts my attempt to survive while holding onto God’s promises and beauty as I try to endure the immense sorrow. 

My second book, the one I am working on now, is more practical. This book will be called “My Story My Divorce God’s Promise-The Journey. This book is more focused on the tasks at hand, such as hiring an attorney, paying your bills, taking baby steps just to survive, and the list goes on.

I am using a program that I like called Scrivener. I purchased it online, and it is mostly user-friendly and helps me organize my thoughts and my writing. I used to have post-it-notes all over the house, but now I can keep everything corralled in one place.

I will not work on the book this week. This weeks focus is blogging and housecleaning. Next week  I will devote most of my time to writing. I like to go to the coffee shop near me have a lovely coffee and focus for several hours on writing.

Please pray for me in this process.