An Unwanted Divorce and Feeling Left Out and What to do About it.

Feeling left out is an awful feeling. The feeling of sadness or rejection that accompanies this is a normal response to being excluded. The big question is how we handle this feeling in a healthy way?

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There are many changes as we go through a divorce.  One such change is being left out.  Suddenly you are not included in family travel plans, family activities, or the inlaws you may have been close to, or thought you were, no longer include you.  Now What?  Do we sit in a corner and let the pain fester?  Initially, this may be our reaction to being slighted, but it is not a healthy one.  I say acknowledge your feelings, because they can’t be denied, but don’t dwell on the negative because that could turn to bitterness.  

Be aware your feelings are normal.

Talk to someone you trust about your feelings.

Don’t allow yourself to dwell on these feelings, which could produce bitterness.

Avoid social media where the event is the focus which may trigger more pain.

When you are being left out, I say do something positive.  There could be many activities that you would enjoy.  Here a just a few suggestions.

  • Plan a Spa Day
  • Take a Trip
  • Take Yourself on a Date
  • Take a Class
  • Try a Hobby/Be Creative
  • Go on a Hike or a Run
  • Join a Meetup Group or A Club
  • Clean and Organize Your House
  • Read a Book or Go to a Movie
  • Journal
  • Exercise
  • Listen to Music
  • Connect With Old Friends
  • Volunteer

This will probably be an issue for most of us going through an unwanted divorce.  I think we need to face the problem and then take care of ourselves.  And in taking care of ourselves, we become more positive and develop a happier life.

God Bless you on this Journey!