Home-Tips and Tricks. Help My Oven Won’t Heat!

 I have a double oven, which I love.  A double oven gives you the ability to make several things at two different temperatures to have some flexibility in making your meals.

I am not thrilled with any of the appliances I have from GE.  They all have issues, and they are only four years old.  The ice maker on the GE fridge makes loud weird sounds and is very slow.  The GE dishwasher has issues with the rubber inserts that I guess protect water from escaping.  I have not had problems with leakage, but I have had to reinsert the rubber fittings more than once.  

Now to the double oven.  Yes, it is pretty and has worked well for the most part.  The problem is that more than once, a code pops up, and the oven won’t heat.  Each time this happens, I think to myself that I will have to call an electrician or an appliance specialist to help me, and that could cost hundreds of dollars.

The first time it happened, I consulted YouTube and found an alternative to try, and it worked.  In many cases, they said that if you just kick the breaker for the oven, wait a few minutes and “unkick” the breaker it may solve the problem.  I was so happy when it worked.  It saved me the expense of bringing in a professional.

It may not work for you, but if you are having this issue with your oven, it is worth a try.  It happened to me again yesterday.  I kicked the breaker and replaced it, and it did not work, so I tried it again, and it did.  I am thinking it is probably a band-aide to a deeper problem, but as long as I can keep my oven working, I will continue to use this technique.

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