Home Care-Oh No My Toilet is Clogged!

Back in my married days if there was a problem with anything in the house I would let my husband know and he would take care of the situation.  If he could not handle it he would call in a professional.  Well, now it is up to me to attempt to solve any problems that may arise knowing there will be times I will need to call a professional but first let’s consult Google.
The Clogged Toilet

Oh no, not today! I came downstairs this morning only to find that the downstairs toilet was clogged. I tried flushing it and nearly had a mess on the floor. Sadly I don’t have a plunger.

I looked online for ways to unclog a toilet without a plunger. The first suggestion was to use a cup of dish soap. I squirted some into the bowl and walked away. My fingers are crossed for good results.
One site said to wait 20-30 minutes and follow with hot water. Another site said hot water is fine but not boiling water because it can crack the bowl and that would not be good.

I left the toilet for about three hours. Well, nothing changed. The clog remained. Next, I poured hot water into the toilet. Now it is time to wait to see what happens.

Guess what? Nothing happened. The clog remains, very sad.
Next, I decided to follow the suggestions and try a metal coat hanger.

I found this suggestion to be utterly useless.
I untwisted the hanger and then poked it down the drain with no positive results.
One last thing that I saw listed on a site and decided to try is using a toilet brush.

The instruction was to use a rounded toilet brush and use it as you would a plunger.
I found one and decided to give it a try.
It worked almost immediately, it took about three pokes.
Happy Day!!

For me, the first three attempts were a waste of time.  Next time I will go straight to the toilet brush although I have put a toilet plunger on my list of things I need for the house.

If you have a go-to for unclogging the toilet I would love to know what it is.
Just write it in the comment box.

Happy Home Owner