Morning Motivation

My mom was an incredibly generous person.  I can remember her giving her time and money to various groups.  I remember going door to door with Mom collecting money for the American Heart Association; we spent hours working with the Special Olympics.  She had a special place in her heart for a group called Boys Town.  I have one of her bookmarks from this group and I would like to share the quote with you.

“Dear Lord, I have been very hard on myself.
I make demands on myself which are too harsh.
I judge myself too severely.
I have put myself down too often.
That is how I grew up.  That is how I was taught.
Dear Lord, I am now putting myself in Your presence.
I am one with You God as well as with others.
I am not going to beat up on myself or others anymore.
I am now experiencing being cared for and guided by You God.
Dear Lord, please heal my soul, mind, and body and those of all people.
I rest in Your peace and healing today and forever.

Every time I read this prayer, it is a fresh reminder that

God cares for us and is with us always.

Have a great week and God Bless