Divorce Poem “I Don’t Know You” by KathieyV

I Don’t Know You
We sat on the couch together, you on one end I on the other.
The same couch we had snuggled on, had laughed on,
had held our Grandchild on.
You stared straight ahead, as though I were not in the room,
as though you could not see me.
Your face stern, your fists clenched.
I asked you to reconsider leaving your family.
I asked you not to break your vow to God and to me.
It was then I saw your jaw tighten, your gaze remain fixed.
It was then I realized
you are not the man I thought I married.
It was then I realized
“I don’t know you”.

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Hi, I am a mom, nana, and writer living in the beautiful state of NC. I was married for 37 years and then blindsided by my husband, a former pastor. After decades he filed for legal separation without a word to me. It has been a rough road coming to terms with this new life that has been chosen for me. My blog is a place where I share "The Beginning," this place I found myself, a place I did not want to be. "The Journey," the things we need to do as we traverse this new road. Lastly "The Joy," and yes there is still joy to be found even after great pain. I have finished my first book "My Story My Divorce God's Promise, The Beginning." I am in the process of writing The Journey and The Joy. Please join me on my adventure to a new life. Always remember God's Promise "I will never leave you or forsake you."

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